Let’s talk!

Hello everybody! Today i just want to talk a little bit 🙂 If you can remember some months ago i wanted to improve my English, but i didn’t do that actually:) Now i won’t say that i would do that every single day. Sometimes i have such an inspiration to talk or to read in English. And now it is exactly that moment.
Sometimes we don’t know what to do. Sometimes we are doing something wrong. I have no idea what else to say.
What will i speak about? About nothing and everything in the same time.
It’s evening, almost night. And of course i want to write something unusual, maybe special. But i still have no theme in my head. In some days i want to make my blog a little more girl’s:) I want to write a post about my favorite Lush products. If you don’t know, it’s a British company which has a hair, body, face products, perfumes, bath bombs and so on. All they made of natural ingredients. Also they are handmade what is also very nice 🙂
Some weeks ago i tried my first Lush perfume called Karma. Ow my God, it so awesome! I just smell and smell it so many times. Tomorrow i’d like to buy a soap Karma which smells like a perfume. And after that my skin is super soft and fabulous! Ok let’s finish about Lush:)
This week i have to be at home so i’m waiting for a next week to start walking, going out and so on. I believe that would be great if the weather allows of course.
Today i stayed at home and i was lying, eating and watching youtube videos. By the way, videos was in English, maybe that’s why i’d like to talk on English today:)
I’m not really sure that it’s a good idea to write in English, but if some of my followers don’t know English, they could use google translate as well.
But i think it would be a good experience for me. And i’ll also try to do that more often. Even maybe the next post about Lush will be in English 🙂
So thanks a lot for reading and following me. It’s do important for me.
Love you guys and see you soon! Bye!





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